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Driving a truck is long hours, dangerous, and full of unexpected expenses. Managing your finances at 100% is your only option to make sure you navigate your way to Owner Operator level or even owning a fleet of trucks.

Winning Financial Strategies for Truck Drivers

Our Goal is Not to Tell You What to Do But to Teach and Assist You In the Complicated Concepts That are Important for Financial Success

  • Access to Facebook Mastermind Group to Network With Other Trucking Professionals

  • Understand the 7 Traps of the Financial Industry and Step by Step Guidance on How To Avoid Them

  • Financial Knowledge You Can Use to Know Whether You're Being Sold a Useless Financial Product

  • Spend With Your Family and Less Time Stressing on The Road

  • 24/7 Course Access and Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls

  • Straight to the Point Facts You Need to Know to Save You 100's of Thousands of Dollars Over Your Lifetime

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Surround Yourself With Others On Their Financial Independence Journey

Included With Purchase

  • Educational Library Videos

    Step by Step Easy Action Worksheets, Business Owner Must Do Checklists, Employee Paystub Review Videos, Alternative Investment Strategy Concepts, Financial Products to Avoid

  • 1 on 1 Coaching

    Available for those that have completed 50% of the Course and want individualized education sessions.

  • Our Private Community

    Exclusive Access for Course Members and the Easiest Way to Communicate with other Growth Minded Individuals in Our Private Facebook Group

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Patrick Holmes

Patrick is the President of Seven Two Advisors which serves their clients in Financial Planning, Investment Management, Risk Management, and Real Estate services.

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